Are you partial to calm, natural locations?

Then head for Lac de Cazaux! This is France’s second biggest freshwater lake. Famous for its tranquillity and its forest sheltered from the wind, it boasts beaches of fine sand and unspoilt creeks. Swimmers, divers and anglers share the enjoyment of this beautiful 5,800 hectare natural site all year round.

Cazaux-Lac Beach

The lake is much appreciated for its calm waters that make it ideal for families. A multitude of summer activities and amenities are available. There is “handi beach” access from Jean Labat Esplanade. Amphibian wheelchairs and special toilets are available for the disabled.

Laouga Beach

Laouga is a mini paradise, providing the perfect contrast to urban life. Sheltered by the pine forest, it offers safe bathing and relaxation on a fine sandy beach.