Next to the oyster port, you can discover saltmarshes


The western saltmarshes of La Teste de Buch lie in a cove covering 42 hectares on the south side of Arcachon Bay. The marshes were originally open to the ocean, but were confined in the mid-1970s to shield them. The site lost its saltmarsh status for nearly 35 years. It was gradually depleted and overcome with exotic species of invasive flora (for example, Baccharis hamilifolia, or “false cotton plant”).

However, in 2007, after years of legal battles, the municipality of La Teste de Buch was authorised by the French government to develop the area with several goals in mind: environmental protection, maintaining the landscape, water management and tourism. One part of the site was exposed once again to the ebb and flow of the tide, while the other part was given over to fresh water from the Craste Douce (drainage canal) and groundwater.

The site is now a patchwork of landscapes and wet habitats providing unusual sights to the curious visitor.

You will enjoy exploring these saltmarshes, which were developed with nature lovers in mind.