Preparing your responsible stay in La Teste de Buch involves a few ingredients and little preparation for a delicious stay in La Teste de Buch.

THE RECIPE for a responsible stay

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Few minutes


The time you want, it’s holiday!


  • Reusable bags and water bottles
  • Mineral sunscreen, applied at least 20 minutes before swimming.
  • A paddle to go to the Cabanes Tchanquées
  • A basket of oysters from the Banc d’Arguin
  • A dune shortbread to accompany the coffee
  • Some drinks from La Teste de Buch to toast with


Use soft mobility to get your favourite ingredients from the market.

What could be better than going on holiday on your own?

Carefully choose food from short circuits and in season.

Local is the new Chef!

Bring to the boil in suitable clothing.

Cooking in “total improvisation” mode is like wild camping: avoid it! ⛺️

Let it simmer quietly.

A bit like observing the local fauna of the Bay of Arcachon… ????

Season to taste and set aside.

And don’t forget to book your electric boat ride too! ⛵️

Choose an intimate service at less busy times.

Besides, on the Bassin, nothing beats a visit early in the morning, late in the day or on the wings of the season! ⏰

Sort your waste well at the end of your meal.

Even oyster shells are compostable! ♻️

Burn off the calories by walking up to the Dune on the signposted access paths.

The fauna and flora will thank you!

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