In autumn, in La Teste de Buch, we make the most of the off-season: there is a time for everything, between walks in the open air, events and tastings!

There are places where ‘autumn’ rhymes with ‘original’. La Teste de Buch is one of them, so fill your diary quickly!

Emblematic sites in autumn

For a few hours, a weekend, a week or a lifetime, don’t miss the must-see autumn activities in La Teste de Buch.

Good plan
from the tourist office

  • Coucher de soleil

Sunset in Cazaux

The days are getting shorter but I know where I can find comfort … at the lake of Cazaux! A clear, calm stretch of water surrounded by trees; a place full of serenity that has its share of surprises with very colourful sunsets. Pink, purple, blue… sit in the sand and enjoy the show.


To do of must-haves

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